Design and install an outdoor natural swimming pool

A residential client in Grantchester contracted us to design and install an outdoor swimming pool in their garden. There was one caveat: it must be completely chemical-free.

Installing an outdoor swimming pool without chemicals is a challenge for any project. It requires an intricate understanding of the natural environment and careful planning to meet the client’s specifications.

However, there was the extra challenge as the property sat within a conservation area. This meant environmental factors needed to be considered when designing and constructing the pool.

What we did

Our team was able to meet these challenges head-on.

After careful planning, we were able to source and install a bespoke, chemical-free outdoor swimming pool that met the client’s specifications. This included swim-up jets, an electric pool cover and heated water.

To ensure the pool was completely chemical-free, we included a separate tank with bacteria to filter and clean the water.

This allowed us to provide an aesthetically pleasing, chemical-free swimming experience for our client – without compromising on quality or safety.

The result

The result was a stunning outdoor swimming pool that was safe, aesthetically pleasing and sensitive to the environment. The client is delighted with the outcome and has been able to enjoy the pool for many years since its installation.


Grantchester, Cambridge


Planning, Design, Build