Case study: Cinema room

This cinema room project was a unique challenge for our team as our client wanted to create an immersive viewing experience similar to a real cinema.

The challenge with this project was to create a cinema experience within the client’s home while ensuring the space was comfortable, inviting and stylish. Our challenge was balancing the technical requirements around image and sound quality and speaker location with the needs around interior design.

What we did

This was a project that benefited from our team’s extensive network of specialist suppliers. To achieve the desired specification for the client, we worked closely with a high-end cinema supplier who supplied a 4K projector and 200+ inch screen as well as cinema quality surround sound and speakers. This specialist advice guaranteed that all elements of the room design met the client’s needs, such as ensuring speakers were placed behind the screen and in the right locations within the room for optimal sound quality. 

Feature lighting was embedded in the plaster of the walls and all the furniture we supplied to the client was custom-made with sofas designed for both sitting and lying down. 

The result

The outcome of this project exceeded the client’s expectations, in terms of aesthetics, comfort and the home cinema experience within the client’s home. The combination of cinema quality sound and visuals with carefully designed furniture and feature lighting created a perfect atmosphere for movie nights. 




Design, AV Installation, Construction, Fit-out