Barn conversion to entertainment space

This barn conversion project aimed to create an inviting entertaining space filled with character and charm while incorporating modern design elements as well.

The property needed an upgrade and had been left untouched for some time. We were tasked with converting the existing barn, constructing a courtyard and adding several bedrooms, a pool area, and a gym.

The challenge with this project was to create something that felt unique while still being functional and contemporary. One additional challenge was to incorporate a disco area into the back of the barn.

What we did

We decided early that our approach would be to use modern materials and design elements while preserving some of the original features. This included restoring the original stone flooring, as well as exposing some of the existing wooden beams for a rustic touch.

For the disco area, we incorporated a dark colour palette to give it an intimate and inviting feel. We also installed lighting fixtures that could be programmed with different effects.

We designed the courtyard with entertainment in mind, as it included a pergola-covered seating area.

The result

The project was a success, as we managed to create an inviting space that was both modern and kept some of the original features.

The client loved the result and was delighted with a stunning, versatile space for entertaining as well as their own enjoyment.