Laboratory design, build and fit out

Source BioScience, an international provider of laboratory services, leased a property in Cambridge to convert into a laboratory and office space. Safety standards and the requirements of their scientist team necessitated the introduction of greater ventilation, requiring an air handling unit to be fitted on the property's roof for the necessary air changes. Source BioScience has locations across the UK, Ireland and the US.

Source BioScience is an international provider of integrated state-of-the-art laboratory services with locations around the UK, Ireland and the US. The company had leased a property in Cambridge with a view to transforming this into a laboratory and office space. 

To ensure the laboratory was built in line with the requirements of the scientist team and in line with safety standards, there was a need to introduce greater ventilation into the property. This required the fitting of an air handling unit on the roof of the property to provide the necessary air changes. 

The company Source BioScience were previously working with had suggested it could not be done. However, thanks to our local knowledge and relationship with the landlord, we were able to find a solution that was a win-win for the client and the landlord. 

What we did

We provided a complete design and build service for Source BioScience, including bespoke laboratory designs, vinyl floor finishes, electrical works and plumbing works. In addition, we provided a comprehensive space plan and all building control services.

In solving the air handling unit issue, we helped the client negotiate with the building landlord for the cost of installation to be met in exchange for an extended lease. Both parties were happy to agree and once we were able to install the air handling unit, we were able to upgrade the AC system and install ducting throughout the building. 

The result

Source BioScience now has a fully functional lab space that meets their scientist team’s needs. They are able to provide a wide range of services in this space and were pleased how we helped keep the design and build process on track through our dedication to finding a solution to any problem. 

The project was completed on time and within budget, exceeding all expectations. Our work with Source Bioscience is a good example of how we complete complex projects successfully even when challenges inevitably crop up. Our local understanding and knowledge gave our client an advantage when it came to negotiating a solution that allowed the project to be completed. 


Histon, Cambridge


Design, Build, Fit-out