Laboratory design and build for Talga Labs

Talga Labs required a design and build service for their laboratory spaces, including cupboard ventilation, gas pipework, and compressed air installation, as well as air conditioning for their office spaces. Meeting the needs of Talga Labs while adhering to planning regulations posed a challenge, requiring careful consideration of ductwork installation for safety and efficacy. The project aimed to create a functional space for Talga Labs.

Talga Labs required a comprehensive design and build service for their laboratory spaces. This project included the installation of ventilation into their cupboards, as well as re-running all gas pipework and compressed air. Additionally, they needed air conditioning in the split-up office space.

The challenge here was to create a functional space that met the needs of Talga Labs, while also remaining within planning regulations. As part of this project, our team had to ensure that all ductwork could be installed inside the building without compromising safety or efficacy. 

Had the ductwork been installed on the outside of the building, it would have required planning approval that would have added cost and extended the timeline for completion, so it was essential we were able to help the client problem-solve this issue.

What we did

Our team provided full laboratory design and build on this project. We worked closely with the Talga Labs team and the landlord to arrive at a solution that worked for every party and met the client’s needs and expectations, while also staying within planning regulations. Our team made the necessary changes so ductwork could be installed inside the building for the purposes of ventilation and to avoid the need for building control.

The result 

The project was delivered successfully and Talga Labs now has a fully functioning laboratory that meets their team’s specific requirements and an office space with air conditioning. Our team provided a complete solution that met the client’s needs, exceeded expectations and stayed within planning regulations. 

This part of the project was a great example of how our team’s understanding of the building, planning knowledge and problem-solving all came together to produce a solution that ensured the project was on-time and within budget. 




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